Tuesday, May 8, 2007

reflective exercise

Experiences with Learning 2.0
Overall, I'm glad that we had this opportunity to investigate some of the new technology.
Its nice to be able to know what some of these prgs actually do! And I like the fact that we could work at our own pace, and really individualize our blogs. There really were no right or wrong answers so the "grade factor" was never a part of the process.
I believe participating in Learning 2.0 makes us more cognizant of the fact that we are all lifelong learners and how important it is to stay open to that idea.
Some of my favorites exercises: youtube!, flickr, eaudio, even podcasts
Help was readily available from fellow employees and the infamous advocates.
Perhaps it would help to recognize that each application will require new sign-in identities and passwords and to keep it as simple and consistent as possible.
Yes, I 'd love to have similar training opportunites and would welcome the chance to participate. I'd love to see training for the use of digital cameras and downloading digital pictures.
I would skip the technorati exerise; too complex for my needs.
I would encourage everyone to use librarything and the podcasts too. I could see podcasts being used in a very practical way for library pages. Certainly as a way to present FAQs and promote events.

Thanks for giving us this opportunity to try a lot of new things! and of course the mp3 player was a great incentive!


Yippee! Once you have mastered using this service, you will love it!
Opens up an entire new world, with so many choices.
If you have a favorite narrator, you can search for titles by him/her,
check them out and then download to your mp3. Sweet deal!

Monday, May 7, 2007


Podcasting is fun! Now that we're used to it with David on Learning 2.0 its fun to access the outside world! And I like just listening...........
Here's a link to my podcast:

Saturday, May 5, 2007

web 2.0 award nominees

A long list.............pretty challenging to look at very many!
I liked the hipcal for personal organization.
Possibly of use for library employees is the for collaborative projects.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

google labs

fun! I especially liked the google reader and the transit feature.
Lots of ways to fritter away the day! :)

google spreadsheets vs zoho

This feature by google has some very useful adaptations.
I could easily use it when collaborating with a colleague.
And very accessible.
I did not find zoho to be as user-friendly. Guess I'm used to the
google way of doing things!

Monday, April 30, 2007

library 2.0

Interesting articles..........clearly some new ways of approaching the world of librarianship. But the human angle and especially the approachability factor still remain essential and not to be overlooked in the world of technology.


Our big outdoor boy who "has" to be outside during at least part of his day! He loves head butts and being top cat of the neighborhood!

Blackberry Pie: the sweetest boy in town!

Blackberry Pie: the sweetest boy in town!
Black loves deli turkey and playing with silver pipecleaners!

Tortellini: our sweet foster who happens to be ADOPTED!!

Tortellini: our sweet foster who happens to be ADOPTED!!
Lini loves a spoonful of vanilla bean ice cream, Dreyers or Breyers only!